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V. R. (Jim) Damiano, Jr. is semi-retired. In his spare moments from actively writing, he spends time consulting for insurance and bond clients.

After obtaining a degree in Retail Business Management from Mohawk Valley Community College in 1965, Jim started his insurance career in Syracuse as a bond underwriter trainee for United States Fidelity and Guarantee. At age 21, he became the youngest Bond Manager in this company’s history. He worked for various insurance companies over the next eighteen years, serving in management. In 1975 he was transferred to Atlanta Georgia, where he had a chance to develop his love for American History and the Civil War.

In 1980, Jim transferred to Dallas, Texas where he was introduced to Texas history. Over the next sixteen years this move served to introduce his three wonderful children, Cheryl, James, and Becky, to three marvelous Texans, Shane, Candace, and Chris, all high school sweethearts.


In 1983, tired of moving, Jim started his own Insurance Agency with $1,000. It grew successfully to a state-wide organization under his guidance.  In 1998, a New York Stock Exchange Insurance Company looking for acquisitions made him an offer he could not refuse. After working for the new owners, for one year as a Surety Vice President, Jim was forced to resign, due to ill health.

Jim holds a Charted Property and Casualty Underwriter’s, CPCU, professional insurance designation, class of 1972. His first passion is writing poetry. Several of his works have been published, including some found in his first novel, 2020: A Season to Die and second novel, Rosa's Story.

Since resigning from full-time insurance and surety work, he has dabbled in real estate, insurance sales and consulting, farming, poetry, his loves for all things historical, and most important his writing. 

He currently lives on his pecan farm outside McKinney, Texas with Betty, his wife and best friend for the past forty years, their cat, Blue and their dog, Ranger.

Betty and Jim enjoy spoiling their grandchildren, Justin, Taylor, Savannah and Brooklyn.

Jim is an avid student of American History, with special emphasis on the Civil War.  He continues to travel extensively throughout the United States visiting battlegrounds, libraries, monuments, and museums that deal with the Civil War.  Jim Damiano has read a great deal of the body of literature regarding the civil war, has studied other related material and brings this depth of knowledge and understanding to his writing.

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