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Now Available! Rosa's Story, a woman's courageous and inspirational struggle for her American Dream.

Her journey begins in Italy in 1924 with an arranged marriage to an Italian-American in Utica, New York, and travel to a foreign land where unimaginable circumstances and a roller-coaster ride of trial and tribulation await her. Through the course of events, Rosa has her faith tested, hope and love won and lost, and cultivates a determination that is bolstered by persistence that enables her to travel forward though tested beyond endurance. Rosa’s Story is the true history of a young girl’s experiences fictionalized around key events in her life. Through this moving tale, readers will gain a deeper understanding of true faith and a young woman’s unwillingness to resign to her fate as expected in an era that shunned strong women.

Chapter 1 is available as a free download. CLICK HERE to download the first chapter of Rosa's Story.

Rosa's Story is available for purchase online. Purchase directly from the author!  When you order from this website, you will receive a personally signed copy of Rosa's Story!

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dividerPraise for Rosa's Story:

"This is a story of great strength and courage, both heart wrenching and heart warming. A really good read..." K. Zacharek

"Definately a must read! Rosa's Story is wonderfully rich and entertaining. This is one book that will surely touch your heart. Warning though... You won't be able to put it down." R. Varno

"Rosa's Story, an endearing tale of a life lived in turmoil and grief, yet with undying faith and love, as Rosa comes of age in this, her new country..." C. Sissala

"Rosa's Story was a pleasure to read. I found myself enjoying every minute of this story of love, hope and persistence..." C. Humphrey

Jim Damiano's first novel, 2020 A Season to Die a parable of love and war, is now available.  It is an exciting and realistic account of what most of us think could never again happen in the United States of America...or could it? 
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2020: A Season To Die is available now.  You may order the book directly through the author from this website if you desire an autographed copy along with the author's discount.  It is also available through Amazon.com

It is April 19th, 2020. The United States is in a new war for independence. Insurrection, guerrilla warfare, atrocity and mayhem drive a crippled nation into a confused maze of deceit and intrigue.

The uprising started in Texas a year earlier when zealous President Rex Collinsí executive order fueled the flames, igniting the homeland. The infrastructure of the nation is paralyzed, throwing the country into pre-World War II conditions.

This character driven novel follows two diverse Rebel families caught in war's crosshair.  The Northcutt's and the Rinaldi's, one from Prosper, Texas, the other Utica, New York, face over nine months of warfare, passion, love, loyalty, and mayhem. Their destinies meet as they battle both personal and common foe to form lasting bonds as brothers and sisters in war and a love story caught in the mix of this near futuristic tale of what could be.


Purchase directly from the author!  When you order from this website, you will receive a
personally signed copy of 2020: A Season to Die and you will also receive FREE shipping!

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$20.00 (FREE Shipping and Handling)

Patch of the 10th Mountain
(click on patch for brief history)

Colonel Justin Northcutt, a young Texas A&M grad, commands a Rebel Regiment on the Texas/Oklahoma border, fighting a retreating Federal Army they have driven from their newly declared Republic. Facing Justinís regiment is the 10th Mountain Division and Sergeant Luke Rinaldi, a New Yorker and the sole brother of four to fight for the Federal cause. In the ensuing battle Luke is badly wounded and taken prisoner.

Becky Northcutt, an attractive and determined Rebel MASH nurse, sees something special in the mysterious Federal prisoner Luke Rinaldi, causing her unwittingly to fall in love. She manipulates the good will of her brothers, Justin, now a Brigadier and Taylor
, a captain, to prevent Lukeís incarceration. The Northcutt brothers take a liking to Luke, who by now has fallen in love with Becky, and place him in Justinís Brigade, under the watchful eye of Taylor.

President Rex Collins, desperate to quash the Rebel momentum, secretly allies with Mexican and Canadian governments to simultaneously attack his nationís borders, with promises to return some territory they once ceded to the United States. His hidden agenda is to create a new United Western Empire, with him its Emperor.

Rebel Statesí President, Barbara (Babs) Collins-Smythe, learns of her brotherís treachery from a deep throat, thought to be planted in Rexís Cabinet. The Rebel free states declare war upon Mexico and Canada, throwing them into a three-front conflict of life and death.  Now the entire North-American Continent is inflamed.

Patch of the 36th Infantry Division
The "Texas" Division
(click on patch for brief history)

Patch of the New York 121st
Infantry Regiment
"The Orange and Herkimer"
(click on patch for brief history)

The Civil War follows a burning path, crossing every state. Rebel defeat in Colorado, followed by running battles in Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, and Wisconsin, unfold.

And, through it all, treachery reins, love blossoms, friends die, chaos rules and, ultimately, a nationís future hangs in the balance.


Check back often as information regarding Jim's next novel will be posted here, giving you the opportunity to track its progress and share in the excitement of its development.  The name of the new novel is: Rosa's Story.

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