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Events in Jim Damiano's life, small ones as well as big ones, move him to express his deep feelings in poetry.  He has been seen writing his poetry on programs at concerts and on cocktail napkins at family events.  His art in this regard is unique in his uncanny ability to distill his experiences and passions into poetry.

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Worry, the singular word,
That strangles common sense,
Despite its warning or its reason,
It generates dispirit and cancer,
For cancer physical or of the mind,
Makes little difference in its viewpoint,
When ones brain, over loads with tremor,
Can misfire in its intended use,
To one of stress filled intolerance.
I believe one ounce of worry can sink a ship!
Two ounces can strangle a nation-
Yet, one speck of faith can overcome-
What worry has wrought-
But the mind-that inconceivable engine,
For all its actions,
Can but control worry,
And all its distractions!

By: V. R. (Jim) Damiano, Jr.
October 15, 1998
What a chore it is to allow ones mind to wander and to fall into the minefield of worry. Better to call the minefield a mind field as worry is but of our own doing. Today I catch my self-worrying over a major business deal that is now out of my control. I realize the hopelessness of the energy I have wasted in trying to resolve this concern at this moment.

Jim wrote Horizons on the occasion of his daughter Rebecca's graduation from college.
The poem is reproduced here in its entirety.

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When thinking of my birth place and once home and roots of my beginnings, I become nostalgic for a time that can never repeat itself no matter how much I'd wish it so. Thus I write and try to put to words a time that has passed me by, yet has never left me.

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Hotel Utica


Inspired by the restored historical landmark Hotel Utica in Utica NY.

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Home  Town


The spark for this poem is set off by an impromptu trip to Utica, New York. My brother Larry passed away the previous June while I was away in the Soviet Union acting as a chaperon for my daughterís class trip to that fabulous place. While there my brother died. This is the first time I have to visit his grave site and thoughts of home and memories forever firm of our childhood in the city of our youth, abound in this missive.


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A Nation Divided

  The spark for A Nation Divided came after the author had a bad dream about the next civil war in the United States.  As Jim is prone to do, he often writes his experience in the form of poetry, only this poem developed into the flame for the novel 2020: A Season To Die and is featured in the book.  

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