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From: Claudia

I read your book over the weekend. It’s a great read and a very interesting story. What a difficult life Rosa had! I very much enjoyed your turn of phrase and found the story compelling and hard to put down. Thanks for writing it.

I was delighted to FINALLY find out how Vincent turned into “Jim”!

From: JoAnn Corsiatto, D.Sc.F.
author of Emmet Fox His Life Story

I just completed reading Rosa's Story and found it to be a fascinating book about an incredible woman. Her faith, strong spirit and zest for life, which kept her moving forward in life, in the face of abuse poverty and cruelty were captured well within the pages. The book comes right from the heart. Your great admiration for Rosa comes right through.

Thank you for an inspiring read.

From: Marisa

Rosa’s Story was engrossing from the very first page. The characters were so engaging I felt like I personally knew them. The author writes a tale that takes the reader through a range of human emotions. Being an Italian immigrant myself, I have a deep appreciation for the struggle of this Italian family who surrendered all to venture into an unfamiliar land in hopes of creating a better life; the American dream. I could not put this book down and was indeed disappointed when I got to the last page. Still, Rosa’s Story will be forever etched in my mind.

From: Thomas

Your book and Rosa's life story will be a part of me for the rest of my life. Congratulations on a job well done... I finished your book last week and I hated to see it end... Kudos to you on a very well written and very sad book. We have lots of parallel memories. Hope we get to see each other in the near future.

From: Lee

ROSA'S STORY is a wonderful, sincere story which brings to light the struggles, poverty and discrimination that faced Italian immigrants when they came to our shores.

Most important, it brought to the forefront, their hard work which helped to build America, their determination to survive and desire to become Americanized.  Everyone should read, ROSA'S STORY. 

From: Terry J

Hi Jim, I work with your sister, Rosey. She asked you to mail me a copy of your book - which you did....I loved it - I started reading it and couldn't put it down - I started to read the book and read until I finished it....I can't tell you how wonderful it was - the story was touching - the writing was excellent...I look forward to reading more of your work....thanks for providing such a great way to spend time...

From: Mark

I've been reading  Rosa's Story. The very fact that I'm reading a book should impress you! I'm getting ready to start chapter 6. I must tell you it's a great story and sparked my imagination right from the start! Can't wait to pick it up again when I can find some peace and quite. Which is pretty hard to do with two teenage girls in the house :)

From: acardile

I wanted to tell you about Rosa's Story.  You are a magnificent writer.  As I was reading the words you put down on paper, I was there at each event in her life.  It was so real to me.  I could feel her anguish and pain, her uncertainty, her moxie and her faith.  What wonderful faith she had.  I am sure that she is watching over you and was watching over you as you brought her story to life. 

Thank you Jim for putting your grandmothers story into words.  You are a very sensitive man.  It must have been very hard for you.  I can't imagine what you went through to write this.  Every generation of Italians needs to read this book and so does everyone else.  This book came from your heart, soul and mind.  God bless you and continue to write dear friend... This book is genuine, it is earthy, it has such feeling that it is hard to put it down. It is amazing what some of our people went through when they came over here. My dad came in 1927. I know some of what he went through and yet he was loyal to America. He wanted America to be proud of him. Keep writing dear friend. You have a talent for getting it all down on paper so that the story haunts you to keep on reading. YOU ARE A GREAT WRITER. 

From: karen

My name is Karen, and you and I have a mutual friend... and she gave me your first Novel last year as a gift.  2020: A Season To Die was a wonderfully written book.  For Christmas this year, I got the lovely book of Rosa.  This is truly one of the best books I have ever read in my lifetime. 

I have always loved writing my thoughts down in poetry since I've been a child.  Of course it has only been like good therapy for me over the years.  So I love reading stories such as these two you have so beautifully written.  Thank you for sharing your stories, and I look forward to reading your next book.  By the way, thank you for signing my book, making it more personal. 

From: dhuinne

I'm one of Rosey's friends from work.  I loved the book!   It was so hard to put down.  In fact, I finished reading it in a parking lot while I was waiting to meet a friend.  I sat in the car and cried as I read the Epilogue - I just hope no one saw me.  

Thank you for the wonderful story. 

From: Ed S.

I've read up to page 195... I had to put the  book down because my eyes welled up with tears and my chest hurt. I'll continue to read in a day or two. 

From: Larice

I just wanted to email you tell you how much thoroughly enjoyed Rosa's story.  The Christmas holidays was exactly the right time to read a book like this.  Just as I was inundated with financial woes and pressures from the holidays, I read this book and realize I have absolutely nothing to complain or worry about!  Rosa's story was definitely humbling for me.  It is very inspiring to realize that people can go through major torment in their lives and not lose their faith. 

Through it all, Rosa persevered.  The most amazing aspect of this story, is that it was based on actual facts!  This is exactly the type of story that I love to read.  Thanks so much for sharing Rosa's life with the rest of the world.  I don't know how anyone can read it and not come away with a brighter perspective of their own lives.

This was an excellent book!

From: Klaus

When was the last time you opened a new read and could not put it down until you finished?

When was the last time a well meaning friend gave you a book written by an unknown author that appeared to be some sort of family remembrance....and you forced yourself to open it as a courtesy to the giver, to find yourself hours later out of breath with excitement?

I experienced both in my reading of Rosa's Story, an immigration thriller that, while based on events that occurred years ago could be found in the headlines of the New York Times today.  Wide eyed hopeful solid but poor people leave all behind for the chance at becoming a part of the American dream. We are not surprised when they are swallowed up by the dream as it becomes their nightmare. Opportunity begets survival, excitement morphs to the drudgery of too much work, not enough money and never more "success" than that sufficient to ward off hunger for another week. Then, the cycle begins anew the next week.

Our history books tell of the millions of immigrants who came to this country and made it what it is today, the greatest amalgam of disparate societies ever melded into one nation.  But...this adventure does not deal with those unknown millions; rather, with a sweet Italian child named Rosa and her family.  We travel with her from her Italian village to New York State and are permitted witness to the roller coaster of events that become her life in the New World. And just when we think we can anticipate what next occurs, we are thrown for a loop...again and again.

While the story centers on a real hero, it also invites us into the lives of the grossest evil doers as well as the "just plain folks" whose experiences are anything but. It is a tale of courage against overwhelming forces, not unlike the Odyssey, whose hero embarks on a journey most would not survive.

The plot undulates through these tight 320 pages, providing all the elements of a great read and a wonderful learning experience.  If you would like to more fully understand the real world of those who came and still do come to this country in hopes of a better life and would like to understand what that means to you, this book is a must read.

If you want to simply curl up with a great read, buy this book. I wanted both and I was totally fulfilled in both.

Oh yes, I too am an immigrant and until I read this book, I thought I knew this story.

From: Sara

WOW… is all I can say. What an amazing story. I picked it up last night, and couldn't put it down for hours. I ended up staying up until 12:30 AM!! I read just the first, I think, three chapters, but then started leafing through the pages... Anyway, thank so much again for sending it. Can't wait to read even more of it…


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